Friday, February 27, 2015

oh hey, friday! | life lately

the good news - we all survived the little getaway to scottsdale. we had an absolutely wonderful time and i'll be posting a little recap next week.

the bad news - i got food poisoning, i probably should have splurged on a neck brace, it's taken me an entire week to recover...and probably more. i'm still tired.

but before i dive into that...a quick recap of our week.


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MY  F I V E | W E E K L Y  R E C A P

1 | these two. sawyer loves her farmer and her farmer is head over heels for his little gal. i love when my farmer is with sawyer because it frees me up to pay all my attention to kaye. 
speaking of kaye...

2 | my gal kaye has hit a new level of ridiculously awesome hilarity. she is talking like crazy, which i feel like we waited soooooo long for. but now that it's here, it's more wonderful than i could have imagined. she's so so full of personality and a source of nonstop entertainment. it makes me want bitty to grow up so we can all really start to have some fun together. 

i mean, just look at her. driving her tractor in heels. 
3 | while in scottsdale, one of my cousins dug out some old photos of my dad, sister, and me. not only am i having hair envy of my sister, who at four had waaaay more hair than i could ever dream of, but the fact that my dad is rocking some seriously rad, nude shorty-shorts makes me miss the 80's...a lot. 
thank you thank you, sara, for gifting me these shots!
does anyone else think i look like a chubby kaye?
4 | yesterday our farmer came and snagged his gals. we had to check a few things out on the farm, which is also a wonderful opportunity for kaye to get some exploring in.

but when it gets too cold, i'm super happy to snuggle her back to the truck. 

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L I N K  U P  T I M E !


Thursday, February 26, 2015

S A W Y E R | 4 M O N T H S

my gal. my sawyer muffin is four months old as of tuesday. and with four months we have a new set of skills, but most notable would be her voice.

our bitty still isn't much of a crier...which is so so glorious. we can only have one crier in our house...our farmer. kidding. it's kaye. she's our emotional gal.

so back to that voice. sawyer is a talker and a yeller and a yammerer. if she doesn't have a binkie in her mouth she's letting us know all about something. it's not that she's unhappy, or needs something...she just likes to hear herself. sometimes it's ear-splitting, especially if both girls are carrying on, but it's nice to have some noise in the house...and it really makes me appreciate bedtime when the house is quiet and i can think a complete thought, such as, "i haven't brushed my teeth today." 

bitty also makes practice of rolling over from her back to tummy, tummy to back...and sleeps on her side every time.
S A W Y E R  |  4  M O N T H S

nicknames | muffin, bitty, bitty mc-bittles, bittles, sister

the very best is when kaye yells and points, "SISTER!"

height + weight | 
we have sawyer's 4 month appointment tomorrow, and we'll get to see where she is on the charts. my guess is she'll weigh about the same as kaye at that age, but will be a bit shorter.

kayw was 14 pounds, 8 ounces and 2 feet, 1.5 inches.

sleep | sawyer is a great little sleeper. she sleeps right through the chaos that goes on during the day at our house, which includes: mama/kaye dance parties, kaye jumping off furniture, kaye screaming with delight, and kaye throwing fits about name a few.

muffin takes naps at about 8 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm, and then takes a little cat nap somewhere between 6:30 and 7 pm. she's usually ready to go down for the night around 8:30 pm which is working well for us now since kaye goes down at 8. i'll be excited when kaye drops her day nap and then both girls can go to sleep at 7 pm.

napping has been a bit trickier. i've been really lax about getting her on a napping schedule because we've been on the go so much lately. i have noticed that she definitely takes a nap around 9 am, 12:30 pm, and again around 4 pm...but those naps happen in super random places. sometimes she's on her little pod pillow (which apparently is a big no-no), sometimes in her crib, and sometimes in her car seat. oh well. once farming starts and we're home more, our schedule will be more...scheduled.

eats | sawyer is still loving the b. milk. we started kaye on solids at four months because she already had four teeth and was showing all the signs of wanting to eat. but our sawyer is still toothless, and i don't see any trying to poke through. we'll hold off on the solids for awhile longer.

sawyer nurses seven to eight times a day, depending on if she sleeps through the night or not. the nights she sleeps through make for excellent days...for me. it's amazing what a night of uninterrupted sleep does for a mama.

loves | getting her ribs chewed on (she's quite ticklish). talking. yelling. waking up from naps. sneezing. her sister.  sawyer loves her sister. she watches everything kaye does. i can see my future now. sawyer is going to follow kaye around like a little puppy, wanting to do everything she does. i just hope kaye will have the patience to be a good teacher.

dislikes | sawyer still has major disdain for water, but might be getting slightly more comfortable. at the pool in scottsdale she didn't cry, she just looked extremely concerned. progress. our bitty also cried for the first time in her carseat. i really hope this doesn't become habit. i would like to continue to have one of those magical babies that is totally content during long car rides.

our sawyer-muffin continues to make farmer and me look good as parents. like we totally have it together...which we don't at least 50% of the time. 

i'm absolutely shocked that we have a 2 year old + 4 months and a 4 month old. these gals own my heart. they are the most beautiful, energetic, funny, little balls of joy. i'm in love with their big, blue eyes and their tiny noses. they have the sweetest, little lips that are perfect for kissing. 

sawyer is so patient with kaye's rough love, and kaye loves loves her sister. it's pretty much the best.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

fail | keeping the turtle busy

sooo...i've been working really hard at trying to decrease the television time for kaye...but it's proving difficult since i'm parked on the couch 27 times a day with sawyer.

girlfriend has to eat, so there's no getting around that.

during my pinterest browsing i saw this awesome art activity that i just knew was right up kaye's alley, but more so mine seeing as how it kept everything nice and clean. love that.

all you need is some tape, white paper, several paint colors, and ziploc bags (any size would work i'm sure...but i used gallon size).

1 | place your white sheets of paper on the table or other hard surface.

2 | position the ziploc bags over the sheets of paper.

3 | pour several colors of paint (i used two per bag) in each ziploc.

4 | secure bags over white paper to the table with strips of tape.

setup took about five minutes. a total snap.

the only problem with the whole project occurred when my turtle played with the super snazzy art project for LESS than five minutes. wtf.

instead she'll play with an empty suitcase for nearly two hours. huh?

whatever. i win some, i lose some.

we'll log this under the #pinterestfail category.

thanks for nothing, pinterest.

in other news...we've entered the awkward smiling phase.


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