Wednesday, April 23, 2014

sponsor post | tabitha from a hundred tiny wishes

you know what's pretty rock star about having sponsors on your blog? (besides the money party…of course.)

you get to see/meet/read new gals just like tabitha. girlfriend is totally relatable and tells it like it is. 

who doesn't appreciate a gal like that? 

she also shares important information on her blog about protecting your content/pictures, blogging tips…and why she's obsessed with erin from living in yellow.

but who isn't?

when you spare a few minutes, pop over to read all about tabitha. you'll need those spare minutes because you'll get sucked in. you can't help it. 

tabitha wanted to share a fun story about life with a toddler…which is true as true gets. right down to applesauce baths and averted car accidents. meet tabitha...
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Hey there September Farm friends! I'm Tabitha, and let me just tell you how much of an honor it is to be here! 

I blog over at a hundred tiny wishes, which is basically a blog about life in general, children, food, style, beauty, DIY projects, and whatever else comes to mind. I am the type of girl that believes in love at first sight & everything happens for a reason, loves flowers, hates paying full price for anything retail, enjoys a great cup of hot-cream-based goodness from Starbucks, would love to live life in flip flops, has a collection of coach purses, and an overabundance of makeup. I also have a moose obsession and believe that a glass or three of pink moscato wine can fix anything, even my procrastination tendencies. 

Yeah, that was alot... I'm sorry (it's my first guest post). So anyways, like I said, I like to blog about children, and today, I am going to tell you about the the applesauce fiasco with my three year old.

Have you ever been driving, and all of a sudden your child wants something? Typical, huh? Well, if it's a short trip, you may tell them that they need to wait, because you are driving, and they may chill out and wait.


If I don't tend to his needs right at that moment, Lil Man acts like the world is coming to an end and screams like holy hell. Try to drive like that... yeah, not fun.

To combat this issue, since it's generally fruit snacks or something to drink that he is requesting, I usually keep the diaper bag full of snacks and his cup in the passenger side seat. When he asks, I reach into the bag, usually swerving a little bit, retrieve the coveted fruit snacks, open the package, and give them to him. The same scenario happens with his cup.

Anyways, the other day I was driving, and Lil Man requested an applesauce. We give him those green applesauce packages that come in apple cinnamon, apple strawberry, etc; and are kinda expensive. We buy them primarily for the convenience. It's like paying more for Verizon cell service, because they have amazing coverage.

So, I reached into the bag, pulled one out, twisted the cap off, and gave it to him. I stop at a stop sign, then as I start driving again, Lil Man says, "Uh oh, Mommy." What happened now?

I ask him what's wrong, and he says "Look." So I turn my head, and see that he managed to get the applesauce all down his pants, and on his car seat. Shit. Lil Man is they type of kid that would have used the applesauce as paint, and the car seat would have been covered, if no intervention was done.

Mind you I am driving. And I was already at the point of running late to a doctor's appointment (that cancels your appointment if you're more than 15 min late).

I reach into the diaper bag and grab the wipes package. Opening the plastic thing, I realize that it is an unopened package. Are you kidding me? So I dig my finger into the tear off thing, and open the package. After swerving and getting some dirty looks, (I was doing like 15 in a 25) I finally grab some wipes, and give them to Lil Man, asking that he clean up the mess.

All of this would have been so much easier if I had been driving a car, instead of a Trailblazer.

Needless to say, he only cleaned up his pants, and I now have to steam clean his car seat.

Oh, and yes, I was late to the appointment... by ten minutes.


But, he is the driving force behind my Etsy shop... tiny wishes creations! I started the shop so I could earn some extra money on the side and be able to stay home with him. :)

Today I am offering September Farm readers a chance to win their pick of anything in my shop! And if you can't wait for the giveaway, I am also giving September Farm readers a 40% off coupon! Just use TINYWISHES40.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

why we spent easter without our farmer

'tis true. we spent the easter holiday without our farmer.

a few months ago farmer and i discussed that around the end of april he was going to be super super busy planting corn and that it might be a great time to take a trip with kaye so that we could get out of his hair. 

(basically whenever we leave for a long weekend our farmer pulls all-nighters so he can maximize efficiency while we're gone. he's amazing like that. then when we come home he's back to playing dedicated husband/dad with dinners at 5 o'clock and making sure he's there to put kaye to bed most every single night. basically i won the lottery.)

so i booked the trip to chico, CA to visit my sister and her main man. little did i realize it was over easter weekend. clearly we're all very religious like that. 

it also left my farmer to spend the holiday alone and basically slave away. i guess that's how we roll.

so while farmer was slaving my sister was making sure kaye had her first memorable easter for the books, complete with a basket full of goodies and enough chocolate to kill a pack of dogs. (which i ate.)
farmer even left me a little easter surprise in my suitcase. thanks for the spending money, babe!

we proceeded to color easter eggs in our pajamma-jammas with food coloring hoping they would turn out just like the pinterest pictures. what a load of sh…crap. what a load of crap. the day i have a pinterest project turn out is the day i also lose ten pounds by not working out and eating frosting. 

what we did succeed in was kaye getting food coloring all over her fingers, face and clothing. she also managed to puncture a few hard boiled eggs rendering them useless. thanks turtle.

following our easter egg dying fail we decorated cupcakes with tiny m&m carrots, and they were absolutely delightful to the eye. i was tickled with how they turned out. 

also a pinterest project, but one of those projects that you knew would turn out from the get-go…ya know? no guess work involved.

you may notice our cupcakes or misshapen. well…my sister, we'll call her betty crocker, failed to realize she has no cupcake pans…so we improvised. we ended up with oblong cupcakes. but it's all in the taste. no harm, no foul.
when the turtle awoke from her midday slumber we handed her a basket larger than she and explained the rules of egg hunting. girlfriend didn't "get it." next year turtle. next year.
 but when you're as absolutely darling as she is, rules don't apply. turtle does as turtle pleases.
and while we missed our farmer terribly (seriously, we've missed him so so soooo much), it was a wonderful holiday still spent with family and new friends.
and cupcakes.

Monday, April 21, 2014

april giveaway | move your boo-tay

we have a treat du joir for you on the blog today. 

i have been struggling lately with motivation. that's no secret. i need to get motivated to move my boo-tay. i need to get motivated to stop putting complete garbage food (read: canned frosting, nutella, whipped cream, etc.) in my face. 

do you know how i like to get motivated? 

i buy myself new goodies. it's shameful trickery and it works every single time. i'm simple-minded like that. 

maybe you want to buy some new music? workout clothes? an iPod? options people…we have options. 

we have options because we have $$ up for grabs here. $130 of cash. cha-ching!

feast your eyes on these tasty licks. all of which i'm eyeballing…especially those leggings. i'm a sucker for leggings that hide my love handles. 
source | ipod // fuel band // leggings // water bottle // shoes
and when you've finished up drooling over these goodies have a looky-lou below because we've got some more eye-candy for you. 

the wonderful ladies who've brought you this glorious fitness-inspired giveaway. 

the good news is the giveaway is cash. so if getting motivated to sweat isn't your thing…buy yourself a starbucks and something from j.crew and call it a day. 

we're all winners here, people. 
ashlen | aimee | karli | amy
natalia | dollie | enjoy essential | libby
brooke | meagan | felicia | noelle
show some love and get busy on your entries. GOOD LUCK!

should you want to get in on the giveaway action in may go HERE and enter the code GROUPGIVEMAY for 30% off! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

i don't want to f-word blog today…and probably tomorrow and the next day and the next

short and sweet today, kids.

i was supposed to post something for minted today. i had a plan. i had it scheduled. the post is 95% written…but i just don't want to. 

and you know what…the harder i work at this blogging bit…the more i don't want to do it altogether.

but at the same time i want to. i want to because i love reading your comments. 

i love knowing that even though i'm out here on the farm, pretty secluded, i can still have a quasi-conversation about something that is interesting to me at that moment or complain about how kaye had a total freak out at gymnastics this morning.
no really. complete meltdown, freak the eff-word out. no more starbucks hot chocolate for her before class. 
sugar apparently = the devil.

so…maybe that's why i'm feeling negative nancy. kaye can pretty much make or break my day. 

kaye is in a good mood? mom is in a good mood.

kaye is in a b-face mood? mom is going to be a b-face…to everyone. 

she's napping now. i told my farmer that if he comes home at 5 pm and she's still in her crib…that means i left her there. 

don't call CPS just yet. i'd never ever do that. but at about 10 am this morning when the other moms were looking at me with pity…i could read right through them. they were saying with their eyes, "get it together. i didn't come her to listen to someone's kid throw a bi*ch-fit."

i hear ya sister. i wouldn't want to listen to your kid either. 

the cherry on top? we have a flight to chico, CA tomorrow. that should be super fun with the way kaye's attitude has shaped up lately. 

send your well-wishes my way. the passengers on the plane are going to need it. 


sometimes we have intense cuddle sessions where she can't possibly cuddle any harder and i think all is right with the world. i'll survive.


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