Friday, April 17, 2015

oh hey, friday! | changes i've made to get fit

here's the thing. i'm hungry. the wind has been blowing nonstop here at 30+ miles p/hour for three straight days. i'm hungry. and i miss ice cream. i miss ice cream a whole whole lot.

but here i am on thursday night...showing up for oh hey, friday because i love you all so so much and it's going to help me forget that i can't eat 45 animal crackers dipped in frosting tonight.

allow me to put my bad attitude's what you gotta do -

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M Y  F I V E | T H I N G S  I ' V E  C H A N G E D

1 | snacking
i snack so much more. i used to really just eat a small breakfast, a medium lunch and dinner, and then a giant bowl of ice cream around 8:30 pm. i was living the life. 
now i have to distribute my calorie intake throughout the day much more evenly and they have to be good calories. (which means not fun calories.) think - hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, hummus, almond butter on celery. 
what i'm saying is...i feel like i'm eating all the time, but not food i want to eat. lame.

2 | workouts
yay! i loooove the workouts. i went ahead and purchased the beach babe II + III dvd's. i justified this because i haven't had a gym membership in nearly five years. done and done. 
the workouts are just awesome and they hurt so good. it's really the first time i've enjoyed doing any sort of workout other than running. 

3 | meal planning
i still have to get it together in this arena. if it were just me i'd eat chicken breast on spinach for eight weeks. i really really would. i'm methodical like that. but i have to think of my farmer and best gal and my limited cooking experience. top that off with trying to keep cheese out of our dinner's tough.
so far i've made - 
  • shredded chicken crockpot fajitas (this shredded chicken tastes delicious on a bed of spinach.)
  • turkey burgers (i skipped the bun). i chopped up spinach, threw feta crumbles and the spinach with the turkey burger. mixed that all together and threw it on the grill. it was a hit, especially with kaye.
  • quinoa burrito bowls - absolutely delicious. i'll be making this once a week for sure.
4 | time
it's been a little bit tricky to find the time to get my workouts in...but i'm managing. i just absolutely have to continue to make it a priority. what makes this even more complicated is i'm also training for a half marathon, so finding time to run, in addition, makes it a little tougher as well. 

but i have some good news. to celebrate making it through my first week (seven to go!)...i'm offering a discount on all my ad spaces! how does 30% off sound? i like it. enter the word BIKINI for your discount!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

i'm already sick of thinking about it.

here's the thing. i've been on a quest for a flat stomach since i was old enough to worry about it...which in my case was probably far too young.

remember when babydoll t's were suuuuuper popular? not only would my parents have never let me wear one, but they didn't have to worry about me wearing one because i was far too self conscious of my belly.

bikinis? wouldn't find me in anything smaller than a tablecloth. no seriously...i was always very covered.

i wouldn't say i was a teen with self-confidence issues...i wasn't. but i would say i was very aware of what i looked like in clothes. and for an adolescent with huge boobs and a bit of a gut...let's just say i always wished i looked differently.

fast forward to college - i stopped playing sports and started drinking. not a good combo. i packed on at least twenty pounds. it wasn't a good look.

after college i realized i needed to get my shit together. i was unhealthy and thought huffing and puffing my way through a three mile run once a week was going to change things for me.

spoiler - it didn't.

i wizened up, started eating healthier and moving more. i was able to drop my college weight gain pretty quickly. that felt nice. but i still had the gut.

my stomach and boobs are definitely the spot on the bod where i gain first and lose last.

since my post-college shape up i've found a love for running. i've been running consistently for nearly 10 years, completing three half marathons and three triathlons. but guess what? i still have have a gut.

clearly finding the motivation to workout is not my problem. the conclusion i've come to is i have got to get my act together in the kitchen. i'm so lazy when it comes to making food i would almost rather not eat. obviously this is a non-option.

not too long ago i found some workouts from the tone it up gals and i kind of fell in the non-creepiest way possible. as it turns out they have an entire nutrition plan with ooooodles of recipes, but most importantly their motto is simple - lean, green, clean. they do have a protein supplement...but it's nothing i feel obligated to try, or feel like if i don't include the protein supplement into my diet i'll never look lean and toned. i just need to pay attention to the foods i put in my mouth and when. simple as that.

the other major change i'm making is incorporating lifting, HIIT, fine toning, kettlebells, and yoga into my workouts. i haven't lifted since high school.

with these two changes (nutrition and incorporating new types of workouts) i have suuuuper high hopes for the next eight weeks. oh yeah...the eight week bikini challenge with the tone it up gals started on sunday.

i've taken my before pictures and my measurements which i'm supposed to chart every two weeks. i truly feel that i've never been more committed to making a lifestyle change. if the gut doesn't go away after this...well then...i'm just meant to have a jiggly belly.

fair warning - i have a feeling i'm going to be blogging about this little fit-ass journey a lot over the next eight weeks. especially if i'm seeing results. i'll be posting after pictures all over this here blog.

here's to seven weeks and five days to go!

i'm two days in and i miss ice cream and beer. what's wrong with me?

Monday, April 13, 2015

green thumb | establishing our garden...i got a blister.

a long long time ago (five years ago) when i married my farmer and moved to the farm i had dreams of building a garden. i mean, we live on a farm. i have to have a garden, right?

well...first of all we lived in a single wide trailer that wasn't garden there.

then after we built our house i was already knocked up, so we were very busy finishing the house (which still isn't finished) which of course garden.

then spring rolled around and i had a six month old crazy infant on my hands...still no garden.

fast forward to the following spring, and wouldn't you know it...i was pregnant with sawyer. so naturally, no garden.

but this year - it's the year of the garden.

it all had to start with picking the perfect spot for my garden. this is no small task when the possibilities are immense. slightly overwhelming. we ended up picking a space close to the water source, because we're smart like that.

step one was excavating the space. luckily, what with living on a farm and all, we have proper equipment to make ease of the work...which basically means i didn't have to lift a finger.
at the same time we picked a permanent spot for our trampoline! we decided to dig it in because the insane wind storms we get out here on the farm have nearly torn it to pieces. we have literally, more than once, watched it get blown 300 yards from our backyard.

needless to say, kaye full approves. she can jump on and off at her leisure, and i don't have to worry about any accidents.

we'll need to sod around it to make it look pretty, but it's definitely getting the job done for now.

bonus - it's right by the garden.

so step one was excavating a space out of our side hill, below our backyard, and leveling a flat space.

then we went and loaded up some old railroad ties my farmer just happened to have laying around at his shop. my idea was to use the railroad ties to border the garden, but my farmer thought they would look neat as a retaining wall. he was right. they look great. 
the garden is going to look particularly awesome when we build the fence around it. we have to do this because we have a bit of a deer problem. as in...during one of my many nights awake with sawyer i just happened to look out the window and see at least 30 deer in our front yard. they chew the bark off our trees. we loath the deer.

so we'll be building a cute little fence...and by little i mean sturdy and tall enough to keep out those damn deer.  maybe something like this?
we finished our day working on the garden with me picking rock out of the bed and raking it smooth to ready it for geo-tech. (geo-tech? apparently it's supposed to keep the weeds at bay.)

we also picked and raked the path leading from our backyard down to the garden.
of course i went to pinterest for some garden path inspiration. here's where i landed. both seem pretty simple and mildly inexpensive. i can get on board with that. 
 1  //  2
high hopes, people. high hopes. we may just be enjoying fresh zucchini, broccolini, tomatoes, peppers...and maybe even a few strawberries. and let's not forget rosemary, basil, and cilantro. yum.

building a garden is not for the faint of heart. chainsaws, pickaxes, and thumb blisters required. (that's right...i got a blister.)


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