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Friday, November 21, 2014

oh hey, friday! | a thankful farmer's wife

first order of bizz...since next thursday is thanksgiving, i predict we'll all be in some sort of pumpkin pie coma, so let's not worry about writing an oh hey, friday! post. i'm feeling generous and i'm going to give us all a day off. thank me next friday. the spirit of thanksgiving (even though half of my christmas decorations have made an appearance) todays post is going to be all about some of the things i'm thankful for...some obvious, and some not so obvious.
but first...
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with that...



i can't tell you how many times i've asked my farmer if it was time to get a new fridge. and by asked i mean begged. it's on my wish list every birthday, mother's day, and christmas. (seriously...can we get a new fridge?) i ask for a new fridge because our fridge is too small. first world problems over here. but when i step back and look at my argument for getting a new fridge - we have too much food so obviously we need a bigger fridge...i realize how silly that sounds.

really what i'm saying is i'm so so thankful that we have food in our pantry, fridge, and extra freezer. i'm able to give my turtle snacks and never wonder how i'm going to provide a meal - it's truly something to be thankful for. (i still want a new fridge, though.)

i've said it once...i've said it at least a dozen times. that farmer of mine is a catch...and everyone knows it. seriously...people have asked me how i got so lucky to nab him. my response? i worked very very very hard. lots of persistence. lots of patience. and then that one time i freaked out on him, broke up with him, cried a lot, and then said "just joking! let's get back together!" 

regardless, the girls and me are so very very thankful to call him ours. he works so incredibly hard for us and still manages to make us a priority even with all he has on his plate. that of a kind.


thank you amazon prime and our wonderful wonderful UPS delivery man for making living an hour from the city a little easier. running low on diapers? amazon prime. stripy straws for your gals birthday party? amazon prime. frye boots? turtle shaped swimming pool? doughnut baking mold? amazon, amazon, amazon. thank you amazon (and the poor ups man who has to drive to our farm at least two days a week).


every single day since sawyer was born i can't even believe i'm the mom of two perfect girls. i did i get so lucky? 
kaye is wild and funny and sweet and sassy. she challenges me every single day, but i know that strong-willed nature, while super challenging now, will serve her well when she's older.
my sweet sweet sawyer. she is undeniably beautiful and she absolutely has my heart...and her farmer's heart too. i'm surprised every day at how kind and soft kaye is with her. kaye is not kind or soft with anything. do i dare say our sawyer is showing signs of a sweet nature? she's calm. she's relaxed. and i'm shocked at just how different she is from newborn kaye. 

my best gals. so very very thankful.


the shame. so much shame, but i admit it. the amount of time i've logged in front of the tv these past 3.5 weeks makes me exceptionally thankful for our dvr and direct tv, especially in the middle of the night. it really is the very best time to watch snookie and jwoww. i only speak the truth. 

speaking of truth...have you heard of the show chrisley knows best? this show is funny and you should dvr it. see...i'm a truth-speaker.

yes...even some of us are thankful for UPS and DVR. no shame in my game.

(and #6! i'm super thankful for all you fine fine gals who read September FARM. i absolutely love this space to share my stories...and your stories too! should you want to get in on some September FARM action, use the code THANKFUL for 40% off any ad space! check out my ad spaces HERE.)

now go get yourself all linked's the thankful thing to do, or something like that.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

sponsor post | kiersten @ she is fierce

so...this morning stephanie, from stephanie mballo photography, sent over our family session pictures and dare i say...she's done it again. that does she manage to capture the sweetest shots of kaye when she's at her very very very worst? (did i mention kaye was a monster?)

however...i was on my very very most patient behavior and i literally look like a beast. my eyes are tired. wrinkles everywhere. my gut is pooching out in a few...

will someone please remind me next year to actually PLAN our outfits so they are somewhat cohesive.

i mean...i know i'm my own worst critic, but i feel bad that i didn't give stephanie more to work with. regardless...she brought the heat, again.

but family pictures is soooooo not what i'm here to chat about today. (even though i'm totally obsessed and wish i could lock myself in a room and just play around with them all. day. long. but there's that whole bit about me having two kids to tend to and all...guh. priorities. lame.)

as i was saying...i have the stunning kiersten on the blog today! she writes over at she is fierce...which is totally something i've never used to describe myself. but kiersten...she IS fierce, and did i mention stunning?

to be a natural beauty...what that must be like? *sigh* 

not only that, but girlfriend gets it done when it comes to flexing her creative muscles. 

she's no slouch when it comes to photography...and shares her tips with us all. 

she has an entire blogging category dedicated to inspiration. and let's be real here...we can all use a little inspiration from time to time. so thank you, kiersten, for that!

speaking of her creative talents, you can totally tap into her abilities should you need some copy written yourself! and let's face it...sometimes it's hard to come up with the right words...which is when it's nice to have talented gals like kiersten. but seriously, in her own words...

do you need brilliant copy, or an inviting about me for your website? what about a great article for your magazine, or a newsletter to tell customers about your newest products or services?

if that peaks your interest - hire kiersten!

but most importantly, maybe you're just looking for another thoughtful blogger to follow along, and i can promise won't be disappointed in kiersten. 

she writes about if she had a daughter...

and quite possibly my favorite post of hers - why "i don't want kids" is not your cue to say "yes you do."

which i'm 100% guilty of. (sorry gina. forgive me?)

or maybe you're just looking for some more blogging pointers. read this - 

and to top it all's clear kiersten is all about the f-word. and why shouldn't she be? she's fierce.

plus she has a category all about feminism as well as a linkup!

want to get in on the linkup love? the next f-word linkup is on thursday, december 4th. the topic is sexism in the media. share the f-word love, gals.

eff yeah.

to round things out, get some more of she is fierce in all her social media glory!

lastly - are you looking to flex your blogging muscles and need a new gal to sponsor? well, kiersten is most definitely offering September FARM readers a 10% discount off all her ad spots using the code SEPTEMBERFARM. check out your options HERE!

thank you so so much kiersten for making September FARM fierce for the day!

friendly reminder to the rest of you - oh hey, friday! is tomorrow! get your posts ready...or just come check it out. i'll be giving some sneak peaks at that family photo sesh we had a few weeks ago!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

post-preg | three weeks out


RECOVERY | ain't no thang, y'all. i'm fully recovered and feelin' fiiiiine...minus the intense sleep deprivation.

now i have zero excuse to not play horsey with kaye, or polish my hardwood floors on my hands and knees, or start paying closer attention to my personal hygiene. guh...who wants to deal with personal hygiene when there is unlimited garbage to watch on tv?

SLEEP | hit and miss, hit and miss. some nights girlfriend wants to nurse hourly and sometimes i have a hard time keeping her awake enough to get the job done.

the hard part is not waking up night after night providing for miss muffin. the hard part is trying to be quasi-functional the next day and still provide the patience my turtle deserves.

so with the lack of sleep and my patience shot...guess who gets my bad attitude? that hard-working farmer of mine. poor farmer.

but of course, there is a light at the end of the sleep-deprived tunnel. if sawyer is anything like her sister, we'll have her sleeping through the night here in a few months, napping like a champion in a few more months...and everyone will be ship shape and the dark circles under my eyes will be a distant memory.

NURSING | let's talk about nursing attire. i fully plan on dedicating an entire post the difficulty of finding a nice, complimentary nursing bra for a gal with giant tas (don't get me started). in the same breath i can't wait to share the GLORIOUS goodies i ordered from nordstrom. they put my poor target sleeping/nursing bras to shame. shame, i say.

as far as sawyer is concerned, i'm still nursing her on demand. this means she sometimes nurses every hour and sometimes every three. i'm giving her a few more weeks for her to figure out a more consistent schedule. if she doesn't manage that on her own, i will be gently helping her. and by gently i mean i will get her on a schedule that will fit nicely with her napping schedule.

can you tell i enjoy schedules?

i continue to obsess over my healthy boob watch. it will surely kill me if i have to deal with what i went through with kaye. (you can read about my troubles nursing kaye here and here.)

THE BOD | i thought long and hard and long and hard about this topic. should i post a post-preg bod picture?

sure. why not? i may even be able to muster up some motivation to take action on what i talk about in the workout section below.
at three weeks out i weigh exactly what i weighed before i got pregnant. 136 pounds. 136 pounds of squishy. and while i'm thankful that my pre-pregnancy clothing fits, i'm a far cry from "let's book a vay-cay to hawaii!"

i really want to focus  on that pooch and firming up all the jiggle. and trust me...i've learned that only running will not address this. i'm going to have to get serious about what i put in my mouth and core exercises. 

so...what core exercises kick your boo-tay? tell me your faves.

WORKOUTS | starting sometime this week i have high hopes getting my workouts started. i'm under no illusion that i'll probably only be able to squeeze in 30 minutes here and a few miles there, but it's going to feel great to start feeling stronger again.

also, i can honestly say i haven't worked on my core since before i was pregnant with kaye. friends...this did not leave me with a middle to be proud of. and i'm nearly positive the frosting/nutella/ice cream binges did not help anything.

i'm going to go pound-town some water...hydration is like practically a workout in and of itself.

SAWYER HIGHLIGHTS | would not believe how much she has grown. girlfriend weighed in at a petite 6 pounds 3 ounces at birth. she now weighs 8 pounds 6 ounces, and i swear she's grown a few inches. her long eyelashes are starting to darken and i so so hope she takes after he sister in that department. turtle-gal has the longest, thickest lashes.
other notable highlights - she's found her cry-voice. lord help me.

KAYE HIGHLIGHTS | girlfriend continues to be such a good big sister. and by good big sister i mean she's only tried to land on sawyer's face once. kaye...she's quite spirited.

more highlights? kaye's language has gone crazy as of late. she's finally started linking words together and yammers on and on and on. sometimes i just say enthusiastically, "YES! WOW!" and that seems to appease her.

but most of the time i really try to understand what she's saying. i'd say between farmer and me, we understand her about 62.5% of the time. toddler-speak is hard.

i also believe this has a direct correlation with her fit throwing (obviously). the more we understand her, the fewer fits we're seeing, and i can't tell you how pleased this makes me.

LOW POINT | whomp whomp. corn harvest started so i had to say so long to the very best daddy/turtle-sitter ever.

as i said last week, he's been taking kaye every day and it was amazing. kaye loves her farmer and when he would bring her home at the end of the day she was always in the very best mood.

but now my farmer is logging millions of hours a day in the it's just the girls and me at the house...because lord knows i'm not brave enough to take them both out in public by myself. that sounds beyond terrifying.

we did manage to go visit our farmer in the combine, though. clearly one of us was underwhelmed.

three weeks. boom.


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