Thursday, August 27, 2015

sawyer | 10 months + so much sass

good morning! and a very happy 10 months to my sawyer-sass-pants! (three days ago.)

remember how for the past nine months you all were like...soooooooooo jealous because we all thought i had birthed the most perfect little angel-baby in all of angel-babies? remember that? well, in case you don't remember, that serves as your reminder.

my sawyer...sheesh. that girl could steal your heart with one cuddle. but then it happened. 

my farmer and i aren't sure what it was and // or is, but it happened and we have a kaye 2.0 on our hands. 


lord help us. 
i mean...just look at this picture. girlfriend has fire in her eyes.

this one too...
regardless...sawyer is still 10 months and i'm now i have less than two months of breastfeeding to go. boom. suck it breastfeeding. (literally and figuratively.)

this month you have turned into a curious daredevil. you do things your sister never did. namely - what's under the sink in those cabinets? no really. what's under there? let me try to look again, and again, and again, and again...

stop it. you're not getting in those cabinets.

you also play by yourself. whaaaat? i literally thought that was a myth other moms told me to make me sad. kaye still has a hard time playing by herself if i'm within eyeshot.

but you? you throw me the deuces mom sign and go at it. first you tear down every box of toys, you don't play with them, then you crawl over to the play kitchen. fine with long as you're playing by yourself.

hey...what's with your obsession with the tv remote? i know...i watch too much tv and you're just trying to help me out, but the fits you throw when i tell you no...they rival your sister's. we're talking throw yourself on the floor, scream, kick legs. lots-o-'tude. 
nicknames | bitty-boo-boo, bitty, sister

height + weight | 17.5 pounds...and i swear you grew three inches this month.

food | i'm not blending your food anymore! you can put down anything we're having for dinner...even with just your two bottom teeth and two tiny nubbins on top. i'm not sure how you do it, but it gets done.

you LOVED the grilled pork chops the other night, and you weren't mad about the spicy enchiladas either. get it girl.
sleep | i'm not sure what's gotten into you, but please start sleeping better. as fall asleep just's the staying asleep that's killing me.

if i remember correctly, it was around kaye's first birthday that she really started sleeping i'm looking forward to that.

also...sorry i'm not sorry i had to cut out your 2 am feeding. it was getting ridiculous and super obvious that you were just doing it because you wanted help going back to sleep.

nursing | nursing. i wish i had those magical boobs that made all the milk you could ever want. but...girlfriend...we're on the last legs. no mas leche. it's running out. my sawyer and i are down to three nursing sessions...and you don't seem to mind. in fact...dare i say you're not going to have any issue when we're done altogether.

looking forward to | this month i'm totally looking forward to you WALKING! i really think you're going to do it. you've taken two unassisted steps on two different occasions. when you realized you were doing it you immediately sat down. you do this, as well, when you realize you're standing without holding on to anything.

you're slightly more cautious than your sister...but still have daredevil in you. i have visions of the two of you in a few years bombing down the ski hill. i'll try and keep up.

oh! also notable - you started saying dada! melt your farmer's heart...that's for sure.
girlfriend...quit with the fits. keep up the sass. we love you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

guest post | nina @ flowers in my hair

well, let me just tell you...i'll be stealing my guest-blogger's post idea today.

a day in the life of...yes please. why are these types of posts so damn interesting?

maybe it's because it helps us realize that we're all pretty normal, down to earth people? maybe it's because it helps us realize that we're not baking the perfect cake or planning our next amazing vacation every. single. day?

or maybe if you're nina...crazy things DO indeed happen to you most days.

i'll let nina do the talking...

Yo, I'm Nina and you may have seen my blog's logo–Flowers in my Hair–at the bottom of Karli's posts this past month. I was trying to think of something creative to do for a guest post to introduce you to me and what I do and my blog (You'll find me writing about everyday adventures , DIY , beauty, travel, writing (because I call myself a writer), photography, recipes (typically recipes from my Italian family), health, books , short essays about serious stuff or things I am learning (on Thursdays), and organization. I also love elephants.

For the record, it's a bit difficult to not only remember to take photos of your day but to summarize it in nine photos but here we go...adayinthelife1. First thing I do when I wake up is open my blinds because I need sunlight to wake my brain up. Then, I climb back into bed for about five minutes and wait for the vitamin D to suddenly make me productive. I'll travel back to my desk and get together the things I need. Since I have my own freelance business and different clients, organization is key. I am learning that if I make the organizational items beautiful, then I am actually excited to do it.

 2. This only happens someday: make up and clothes that aren't workout leggings. On this day, I happened to get my first Stitch Fix and was excited. I won't lie to you, I took this photo halfway through the day because I forgot to take it when I finished my makeup. And yes, my mascara is messed up and yeah, how much do you dig my hair? #EmbraceMessyHair

 3. I make a lot of lists. Have you heard of Bullet Journaling? I keep lists (personal and business) here in this notebook and also on the computer. It's hilarious because in my personal life I can be a bit of a mess (understatement?) but when it comes to my work and doing work for others, I am on top of my game at all times. Especially at this time of day when I happened to have a client call. I need my lists at the ready and my favorite pen to create new lists. #NeverEnding

 4. On this day, because I put on real clothes, I relocate to a coffee shop. This is the first time I have had caffeine since June! Guys, I wish I was one of those health nuts naturally. The truth is that I have had to become one because of a chronic illness that I have. Caffeine can make my pain worse so I've avoided it. It was a nice treat and I was wired the whole day. I felt like I had twenty seven shots of espresso. Also, coffee is much more effective at waking a body up than vitamin D, just sayin'.

 5. About being a health nut...At the beginning of June, I finally woke up and smelled the metaphorical coffee which was my illness was as bad as it had ever been and I needed to take some drastic steps. One of those steps was to start treating food as medicine. It is what works for me so I make time to eat food that is going to fuel my body. For dinner this night, I do have some spaghetti squash but it's late (this is an old picture, I admit it!) and use it as the pasta to my Nonna's Spaghetti Sauce and a huge green salad with olive oil and vinegar.

 6. I am usually still working and when I can, I take a break to blog for a bit. Freelancing has been great in that I have grown my skills and also helps with my health issues. But I am getting better and better. The one hard thing about the freelancing thing is I have a hard time "clocking out" and the perfectionist in me...she struggles, okay?

7. I like to put some kind of bookend on the day by doing something completely different. I may work on a craft (like this flower crown: here's how to make it) or write some snail mail. I won't lie...If I can use it for the blog, I will but it isn't a requirement. This is when I am trying (I'm not really good at it) to wind down.

 8. I get into my bed with my computer or my notebook and I do writing of my own. I also can't help that thoughts invade my brain and I add to my lists, even waking up in the middle of the night sometimes. So maybe the whole no caffeine thing is a good thing in more ways than one?

 9. I have to read before I go to bed. Most of the time, it's on the kindle app of my phone which obviously I did not take a picture of because it was dark and also, #bed. I do prefer real books and I collect them (two huge bookcases filled to the brim and stacks and stacks under my bed) but it is easier for me to read in the dark this way. Reading has always been my escape and my favorite thing to do (even as an extrovert) in the whole world.

 So, there you go. It's really interesting, I know. On this day, nothing awkward happened to me (that I am aware of) which is a bit unusual.

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right?! we love nina? this wasn't the first time she's been on september farm...and i really hope it's not the last!!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

20 super random snippets about moi

yes. yes. i'm all about a 20 questions game, especially since there are several new faces around these parts.

i snagged this idea from colleen over at meet the sullivans. thank you colleen!

also, maybe if you like this little post some of you out there might do the 20 questions as well. i love this idea because they are some of my most favorite types of posts to read.

let's get the 20 started...

ummm...all food. actually, a perfect meal for me would be a surf + turf with some sort of sautéed veggie (asparagus, broccolini) and mashed potatoes. my mouth is watering.

i was actually looking at all my heels the other day and realized that since i started working from home (five years ago) and then since having kaye (three years ago) my high heels are officially outdated. i mean...they aren't terrible, i could still pull them off...but trends have changed.

now, during the summer, i'm a flip flops all the time kind of gal. or sandals. however, when it's just my farmer and me i try to dress it up and wear some wedges and something short. short shorts. short skirt. that horn dog.

my instant go-to for anything is banana republic. i feel like their clothes are built for women. women shaped like me. you know...with a booty and boobs and hips. plus the quality is nice and the goods aren't too trendy // more on the classic side. i like buying pieces that can stick around me my closet 3 // 5 // 9 years.

sad face. before i quit dairy i was all about a house coffee with lots of room for cream. i used to stop at starbucks every single morning on my way to work. i loved having a piping hot coffee after the gym. i'd hop in my car, listen to NPR, and enjoy my 30 minute commute.

the glory days.

ummm...when i was little my dad ALWAYS brought corn nuts and sure as sister or i or both always puked. to this day, neither of us can handle the smell of corn nuts...anywhere.

but for me...popcorn. popcorn is a KILLER road trip snack...and it's great for kids too! i just make a big batch on the stove with olive oil and sea salt. boom. that's a happy mom and a happy camper in her car seat too.

don't get me started. my farmer is a diy-er to the max. as in...he built our entire home...practically. we're talking framed it, laid the hard wood, built the banister, tiled the bathrooms, hung our kitchen cabinetry...quite the man. however, after three years of living in our home, it's still not finished. our crown molding above the kitchen cabinets isn't complete. the finish work on our kitchen island isn't done. our basement bathroom is still in studs. i just caulked all of our upstairs baseboards and have yet to finish the touch up paint (maybe tomorrow). what else? there are loads of things that still need to be finished. all this to say...i'm officially a convert to HIRE IT OUT. farmer - he's still diy all the way 4 life.

orange is the new black, downton abbey, modern family, 30 rock, dexter (it was really hard to not pick a reality show...i'm addicted.)

oh lord. i haven't read a book in a really long time. shameful since i used to be an avid reader. for awhile i got really into autobiographies about politicians. i know...super thrilling, but hear me out! if you read one, read my life, by bill clinton. it's wonderful. long, but wonderful.

i was just telling my farmer yesterday that i would rather run for 40 minutes than lift for 10.


5'5" ...a tall 5'5".

i think it depends on the restaurant. if it's a restaurant i trust i'll try something new. if i'm feeling sketchy about a place...always go with a burger.

well, when i manage to put makeup on...i feel like you can't go wrong with a good blush. blush and mascara and i'm set.

super exciting - a lamp, my laptop charger, baby monitor...and that's it.

one thing? patience. and i still don't have a lot of those.

please don't shame me, but i've never been a music person. my sister? yes. that girl can tell you any song, any artist, any day of the week. me? meh. i like music. i have a weird thing where i can listen to a song once and know the lyrics more or less. but ask me to name a song from high school? i can't think of a single song. or maybe i can. wasn't there a song about "...i like girls who wear abercrombie and fitch..." right?

that's terribly hard. i haven't been to nearly enough places. i can tell you i'm nearly positive i would stay in idaho. i love it here.

i can touch my tongue to my nose. i hate department store shopping. it's very overwhelming. i eat breakfast every single day. i feel sick if i don't. ummm...i asked my farmer out for our first date...and several subsequent dates.

18. WEBSITES YOU READ // BROWSE (besides blogs)
babygap, buzfeed, people, nytimes

i've always been a morning person, but in my old age...and because i really enjoy relaxing, i've been waking up at 5 am. i should be using that time to get my workouts in, but instead i use it to drink hot coffee and watch whatever is on the DVR.

best feature? best feature? it's always good to do a little positive self-talk, right?

well, aside from my cutting wit and super sweet disposition...i'll say i have some good eyelashes. they are long and i can get away without wearing mascara. i also have super thick eyebrows...which is the trend these days, so i've got that going for me.

however, if you want to envy some gal kaye. she has lashes that don't quit. long, thick, dark, beautiful. throw in her giant blue eyes and it's safe to say she rarely hears the word no.


alrighty! super duper fun. now go answer these 20 or just tell me a random something or other about yourself in the comments! 

on a completely unrelated note...does anyone know of someone that can code a blogger design for me? i mocked one up and have all the images...i just don't know css, and can barely stumble through html. help me.


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